Valley of the Giants

To the south of San Felipe, toward Puertecitos, you will find the Punta Estrella Ranch a cactus forest at the Valley of the Giants. Here you will find majestic cardons of up to 17 meters in height that just seeing them turns into a great experience.

The Desert dilates around them: they are accompanied by crows and biznagas and the carpinter birds build their nests on their trunks. You can observe from your car and travel through the sit that way or get out of your car and go through the entrance. There are those who prefer to wander about on the colossal shadows on foot.

Walking among these giants is marvelous, they are unique of our state, a gift of nature so you can live the most incredible moment, this place has also become a favorite spot for recognized photographers, since the cardons along side the spectacular sunsets, offer incredible landscapes.

Accompanied by some other species of the region like the cactus and the governor, the historic giant are waiting for you to make you live a singular tourist visit.
15 Km. al sur del centro de San Felipe y muy cerca del campo turístico Punta Estrella.

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