Encircling San Felipe, imposing its deep turquoise seas and illustrious warm waters, you’ll find the Sea of Cortez; where the shallow swells allow tourists from all over to delight in a myriad of entertaining water sports.

Like any beach destination, this port’s main attractions predominantly consist of aquatic entertainment. Kayaking, jet skiing, sailing, or the legendary banana and/or sombrero boats, are just a few of the possibilities that can be experienced in San Felipe.

In the Central and Malecón valleys there are guides and attendants ready to provide the equipment and support necessary for guests to appreciate these experiences.

If what you’re seeking is a quiet beachfront getaway with the simplicity of a chair and umbrella, look no further than this coast. Why not camp at a destination with services that allow aquatic pastimes and the added fulfillment of a tropical breeze?

Fishing is another one of the main activities in San Felipe. Hundreds of tourists flock to this port from far away with the purpose of fishing the waters of the Sea of Cortez. Some do it for sport, others simply as a pastime, but no matter what the occasion, visitors can always count on a good catch.

Among several species, some of the local fish to the region incude: Cabrilla, Cabrilla Pinta, Cochito, Grouper, Valla, White Robalo, Corvina, Sole, and Sierra.

As you walk along the Malecón you can readily stumble upon fishermen who offer “Panga” services as well as a number of seafaring props.

Come visit the Sea of Cortez and immerse yourself in the amusement that only San Felipe can offer you.

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