San Felipe is located 119 miles south of the United States-Mexicali Border, and it nurses the ideal climate for those of us fleeing snow, frosty temperatures, or rainy environments. The weather is pleasantly warm for most of the year and accommodations such as hotels, apartments, homes, and campgrounds are only a short distance from the coast.

Situated in the heart of this destination, is San Felipe’s waterfront boardwalk. Here you’ll find yourself among a myriad of seafood concessions, restaurants, bars, local art shops as well as the renowned “coco loco” cocktail stand (a delicious coconut drink prepared with gin) or their delicious Piña Coladas.

A popular landmark in San Felipe is its lighthouse. To get the best view of this historic tower, tourists are encouraged to hike its foothill “Cerrito de la Virgen” where they’re guaranteed to capture great panoramas of the beacon, the sea, surrounding mountains and waterfront boardwalk, for the picture-perfect postcard.

Just a short drive from San Felipe, about 25 minutes south, is Valle de Los Gigantes (The Giant Cactus Valley), where you can find more than 1,200 of the world’s largest cactuses, known as the Mexican Giant Cardon. These types of elephant cactuses can grow over 55 feet in height; a massive sight to behold in person.

Whether you are looking for a beach destination, a place to camp, a stargazing site, or simply a traveler in search of new encounters, places, and adventures, San Felipe is certainly the ideal atmosphere for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this hidden jewel on your next vacation. You will love it!