La Rumorosa

Discover the beauty of La Rumorosa from another angle, from above on amazing giant boulder formations that provide incredible views. An amazing experience where you can also see more of its natural greatness. It reaches up to 1333 meters over sea level and extreme weather from -10° to +45°C. Find a wide array of species, like the Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Golden Eagle, Puma, Grey Fox and the Rattlesnake, among other species which you can admire and respect.

Cañón de Guadalupe

Another great place near Laguna Salada, where you can discover the marvels of this place among hot springs and waterfalls. Explore this natural oasis, archeology relics, cave paintings, endemic flora such as the Palma Azul and spectacular panoramic views. You can also go hiking and enter caves.


Tour Operators that can take you here:

1.- Baja Travesies – Click Here
2.- Adixion Tours – Click Here
3.- Baja Elite Survivor – Click Here