Natural Attractions

The desert in the vicinity of San Felipe is a spectacle worthy of knowing. Explore the cave paintings that are in the Agua Caliente Canyon, in Valle Chico. To get there, you must deviate to the right at km 181 coming from Mexicali on the way to San Felipe. From there it is a journey of approximately 70 kilometers, it is necessary to make this trip on 4×4 vehicles and with the help of a guide, otherwise you face the risk of being stranded or getting lost.

On the road you can see Ocotillos, mezquites and biznagas, also Greenwood trees and Ironwood trees. With luck you can observe hares, skunks, sparrow hawks between others.

On the other side is the Sea of Cortez in San Felipe, with its warm waters ideal for swimming and has low tides that everyday move away from the edge leaving big portions of the sandy sea bottom uncovered. This is a great attraction for kids and adults for walking until reaching the water.

In front of the town, 32 km away, La Roca Island of Consag emerges between the waters with a height of approximately 100 meters; it is not always visible and at first sight it looks like a huge white cruise ship.

Without a doubt, the Sea and Desert, are a rich combination of natural attractions, only part of the San Felipe experience. Adventure yourself to live it!
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