In its versatility, San Felipe can be a romantic destination for couples, a party spot to enjoy with friends and simultaneously, a safe setting for the whole family. Fishing, swimming, camping, horseback riding, ATV rentals and hang gliding are some of the many activities you can find at this coastal destination.

From its delicious culinary creations (made with fresh and local seafood), to its thrilling aquatic experiences and best off-roading paths, San Felipe has it all!

Rejoice in a relaxing environment, without crowds, traffic, or distracting noises. Feel the breeze of the Sea of Cortes and the warmth of the sun, savor delicious fish tacos, try their classic margaritas and piña coladas, and wake up to breathtaking sunrises. In other words, it’s the ultimate dream destination.

San Felipe has beaches that remain crystal clear almost all year round. The shoreline is flat and easy to navigate, giving its visitors assurance that they can safely swim long distances, ride the banana boats or tour the bay in a serene sailboat voyage.

The Sea of Cortes boasts warm waters and low tides that recede for miles, which makes it an ideal setting for exploring the biodiversity of marine & aquatic life. It’s a daily spectacle!

These are just some of reasons why you should visit San Felipe and enjoy its many adventures. To find where to stay, visit: